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Note: You may purchase an exam at this price if you are also purchasing the associated Apple Certified course with Soho Editors.


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Differentiate yourself and your business in today's competitive marketplace. Gain credibility and industry recognition for your expertise in Final Cut Pro and other Apple pro applications — become an Apple Certified Pro.

By passing certification exams, you become an Apple Certified Pro for a chosen application. You can then follow the path to Final Cut Studio (FCS) Master Certification by passing additional required exams. The possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Apple Certification 

  • Differentiate yourself and your business.
  • Gain recognition for technical competency.
  • Build credibility with clients and employers.
  • Increase visibility and enhance your reputation in a competitive marketplace.
  • Publicize your certifications on Apple’s website, and connect with clients and employers.
  • Display your personalized certificate and logo that distinguishes you as an Apple Certified Professional.

Becoming a Certified Pro

To become an Apple Certified Pro, you must pass an exam at an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC). Level One certification attests to basic operational knowledge of the application. Level Two attests to a deeper understanding of the application. Level One exams are either administered at the end of a specific course or on the day of your choosing. You may take Level One exams without taking a class, for a fee at our AATC.
Level Two exams can be taken only after first passing the corresponding Level One exam.

Master Certification

Final Cut Studio Master Certification recognizes your skills with the entire Final Cut Studio 2 product suite. Since work flow is such a significant component of Final Cut Studio, Master Certification requires certification in at least five applications as outlined below:

1.    Final Cut Pro Level 1 (FCP 101 OR FCP 200)
2.    Final Cut Pro Level 2 (FCP 300) OR Color
3.    Motion 101 OR Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Studio (FCS 101)
4.    DVD Studio Pro 101
5.    Soundtrack Pro 101


Whilst there are no future Apple Certification Exam (when purchased with a course) courses in the calendar, please contact us for your bespoke training requirements.

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